Do you rattle off stats like other people quote TV shows? Do you analyze datasets for fun in your spare time? Do you believe visualizing information can change the world? Then you’re a data person—and you belong at Tableau Conference On Tour, Berlin 2017.

At Tableau Conference On Tour, Berlin, you’ll eat, sleep, and breathe data the Tableau way, advancing the power of insights to help people achieve great things. It’s a strong community of change-makers and catalysts: those who aren’t afraid to look for the “why” behind the “what.”

You’ll learn from Tableau experts, partners, and customers, not to mention  great sponsors who can help you make the most of your Tableau investment.

Craft your personal learning journey with breakout sessions, Hands-on Training labs, inspiring keynotes, and Tableau Doctor.

Just be sure to leave a little room for spontaneous good times with your fellow data people!


TCOT17 Berlin Full Conference Registration

€1,095 plus VAT

Early Bird Discount (Until 1 June)

€795 plus VAT

Last Chance Discount (2 June - 7 July)

€895 plus VAT

Full Price (8 July - 13 Sept)

€1,095 plus VAT

Public Sector, Education, and Non-Profit attendees

€695 plus VAT

Early Bird Discount (Until 1 June) (Groups 5-9 Registrants)

€745 plus VAT

Last Chance Discount (2 June - 7 July) (Groups 5-9 Registrants)

€845 plus VAT

Early Bird Discount (Until 1 June) (Groups 10+ Registrants)

€695 plus VAT

Last Chance Discount (2 June - 7 July) (Groups 10+ Registrants)

€795 plus VAT

Classroom Training Workshops

€475 plus VAT

Certification Exams

€150 plus VAT

Full conference registration required to purchase training and certification

Desktop 10 Qualified Associate

This exam is intended for those who have comprehensive understanding of functionality in Tableau Desktop 10 and at least five months of applying this understanding in the product.

Server 10 Qualified Associate

This exam is intended for those who have a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Server 10 functionality in a single-machine environment and have approximately 4-6 months of experience. Typical roles include System Administrator or Consultant.

Conference Guest Pass

€150 plus VAT

Guest admission to Welcome Reception and Data Night Out only

Get your boss on board

Need to demonstrate why Tableau Conference On Tour, Berlin is a good investment? We’ve got you covered with our Justification Letter. It breaks down exactly what you’ll gain from attendance and how much it costs. Feel free to customize it to your company and situation. We want to see you at Tableau Conference on Tour, Berlin in 2017!

Classroom Training Workshops

Classroom training accelerates your skills through hands-on education, helping you get the most out of Tableau. In addition to hands-on training breakout sessions – included in the conference registration – take advantage of reduced pricing on additional training workshops only available to conference attendees. You can register for these through the main conference registration process.

Training Workshops (€475 plus VAT):


Desktop I

Are you interested in learning how to navigate through Tableau to start building impactful visualizations? This workshop is geared toward beginner level Tableau users and is a condensed version of our popular Desktop Fundamentals course. Whether you are the lone data soldier, or delivering powerful analytics for a worldwide base of users, you will gain useful experience and practical know-how in this session. This workshop covers the product’s ins and outs, how to sort, group, and slice data, and tips and tricks for dashboard design.

  • Intro to Tableau
  • Connecting to data
  • Creating basic visualizations
  • Simplifying and sorting data
  • Orgnaizing your data
  • Slicing data by date
  • Using multiple measures in a view
  • Mapping data geographically
  • Customizing data
  • Analyzing data with quick tablea calculations
  • Showing brakdowns of the whole
  • Making views available

Desktop II

Looking to improve your visualization and data analysis skills? This workshop is geared toward intermediate Tableau users who want to take their skills to the next level, and is a condensed version of our Intermediate course. It focuses heavily on advancing your techniques for manipulating and visualizing your data, how to harness the power of table calculations, LOD’s, parameters, and furthering your dashboard design knowledge.

  • Working with single data source
  • Using multiple data sources
  • Using calculations
  • Advanced tablea calculations
  • Parameters
  • Distributions
  • Dashboards

Desktop III

Do you want to be an advanced Tableau user creating impactful visualizations with Tableau? Learn how to get the most out of Tableau Desktop’s more technical features with complex data visualization challenges that allow you to dig deeper into your data. You’ll get a better understanding of how to artfully prepare and organize your data, and learn advanced chart techniques and calculations for creating innovative analysis and dashboards.

  • Advanced Calculations
  • Advanced Table Calculations
  • Level of Detail Expressions
  • Analyzing Timed-Based Data
  • Analyzing Customer Behavior
  • Integrating Data Sources
  • Advanced Chart Types
  • Geographical Analysis
  • Advanced Dashboard Techniques

Visual Analytics

Do you know your way around Tableau Desktop, but feel that your visualizations need that extra bit of clarity and zip? Do you wonder about the best way to display your data so that others see the same things in it that you do? Do you want to go beyond the pie chart? If so, this course is for you. This is a condensed version of our Visual Analytics course, that teaches the fundamentals of good visualization design and best practice, including:

  • Introduction to visual analytics
  • Visual mapping techniques
  • Choosing the right chart type
  • Effective dashboard design

Tableau Doctor

The Tableau Doctor is in—and more accessible than ever.

Tableau Doctor is your opportunity to go one-on-one with Tableau experts who can help you solve technical challenges, master advanced tools, and get your vizzes and dashboards in tip-top shape. TC On Tour, Berlin brings you more ways to access this popular service depending on your needs. Schedule a 45-minute one-on-one appointment with a Tableau expert.

Within a 45-minute session, you can:
  • Learn a new trick in Tableau
  • Talk to a Tableau employee about best practices
  • Get a solution to the view that you’ve been working on for months
How do you make an appointment?

Make your Tableau Doctor appointment on-site when you check in. Appointments are limited and spaces book up fast. Be sure to bring your workbook, data, and relevant materials.